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Management Companies

Shore Music will advise and teach you how to manage the intellectual property of your represented artists and ensure that you are fully aware of all the revenue streams out there, generating royalties.

"Make the Music Industry work for you!"

We have Three packages available to our Music Managers:

  • One on One Consultation: Aimed at Independent Artist Managers, our customised consultation sessions are catered to your individual needs and billed by the hour, allowing you to choose how you use our time. What would YOU like to know and learn? Listed below are some of the topics we cover. Let us know where you would like to focus, and we will give you the in-depth, detailed knowledge and tools you need to help your represented artists financially succeed in this industry.

    Location is no barrier for our consultations. Our customised consultation sessions can take place either in person or via Skype.


  • Customised Group Seminar/Consultation: Aimed at Artist Management Companies, where staff members may have varied levels of rights and royalties knowledge, we will come to your workplace and guide your team through the world of music rights and royalties, and cater sessions to your specific artists and management company needs. A combination of "One on One" and "Group Seminar", we will ensure your team are all on the same page when it comes to the rights and royalties of your treasured artists.

    Seminar/Consultation sessions take the following format

    • Seminar: Overview of worldwide music rights and royalties including Mechanical, Performing and Neighbouring Rights​

    • Custom Consultation: From the list below, you can choose which areas you would like to focus on. Contact us for more information and we will work with you to create your customised session

  • Group Seminars/Networking Events​: Available to all, our Group Seminars cover the world of music rights and royalties. Seminar schedules are developed from the list of topics below and vary seminar to seminar. Our seminars not only educate, but allow time for hands on registration guidance and catalogue maintenance, along with excellent networking opportunities. Meet, chat and share your experiences with other music industry professionals.

    Seminar schedules are provided ahead of time and feature one music industry guest speaker per event. Sign up to our mailing list to receive details on our next seminar and how you can join in the fun.


Topics we cover:

  • Music Publishing

    • What do Publishing Companies do? (overview)

    • Song Writing & Co-writing​

    • Sigining to a Publisher (pros & cons)

    • Cuts & Syncs

    • Publishing Royalties, income types and revenue streams

  • Record Labels

    • What do Record Labels do? (overview)

    • Creating the Product

    • Releasing the Product

    • Touring

    • Artist Royalties, income types and revenue streams

  • Managing and Monetising your Catalogue

    • Schedule A Creation

      • Songs​

      • Master Recordings

      • ​Tools to help you manage and monetize your intellectual assets​​​

    • Song/Recording registration

  • Agreement Review

    • Decoding the legal jargon​

      • Writer​

      • Aritst

      • Licensing

  • Royalty Statement Interpretaion

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