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Music Royalty and Revenue Specialist
Consultation, education and training for music industry professionals. Make the music industry work for you.


About anchor

About Us

The Music Industry is continually evolving. However, the one thing that remains constant is the need for knowledge and understanding of the integral cogs that keep this industry turning: Rights, Royalties and Revenues!

How music makes money? Where music makes money? What does it all mean?


At Shore Music, we want to ensure the "How's", "Where's" and "What's" are all answered, and that every music industry professional, no matter which field they are in, gains the knowledge and information they need to financially succeed in this business.


Who We Are
Shore Music owner, Mhairi Holmer, has been specialising in music rights and royalties for over 12 years. As a Music Business graduate, she found herself in Toronto, Ontario, in 2004, taking the first steps of her career in this exciting and constantly evolving world of the Music Industry.

Starting her career with Re:Sound (formerly the Neighbouring Rights Collective of Canada), a relatively new Canadian revenue source for artists and record labels at the time, she later steered her career in the direction of the record labels. During her time with both Major and Independent record labels, she gained in-depth knowledge and experience in the world of Artist, Producer and Mechanical royalties. More recently, her career led her to one of the fastest growing, independent Rights Management companies in the world, where she has personally managed the publishing rights and royalties of many world renowned artists, producers and songwriters alike.

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What We Do Anchor

What We Do

Shore Music is here to Educate, Demystify and Simplify the world of Music Rights and Royalties.

For those who are in the business of Music Creation and/or Management, we will ensure that you are aware of your intellectual property rights, teach you how to fully understand and manage your own royalties, and direct you where to find them. In short, we will teach you how to “make the music industry work for you”. Royalties don’t have to be scary. And we are here to help.

For those who are in the business of Music Education, through Music Business Schools or Music Conferences, we can enhance your curriculum and educational panels by offering an in depth look into music rights and royalties. We are here to “educate, demystify and simplify the world of Music Rights and Royalties”. And by answering the where's, how's and what's of the music industry, we will ensure that our future music industry professionals are fully prepared to embark on their career in this fast-paced and ever evolving industry. 

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Offer Anchor

What We Offer

Shore Music offers a variety of packages, each designed to meet your own individual music business needs.


Types of packages we offer are:

  • One on One Consultations – Customised sessions catered to your individual needs. What would YOU like to know or learn?

  • Group Seminars – Full overview of how royalties make the music industry world go round: Music Publishing, Record Labels, Types of Revenue, Revenue Sources: Includes guest speaker appearances and networking opportunities

  • Music Business Education Course Content – Do you have gaps in your course curriculum where music Rights and Royalties could and should be introduced? We can work with you to enhance and expand your curriculum to include content on this integral part of the music industry.

  • Music Industry Conference Panels – Speaker and curator of music rights and royalties panels. We are happy to appear as a guest  speaker on your Music Publishing and/or Record Label royalties panel. Alternatively, with our array of music industry connections, we can bring a whole panel together for you.

For more details on the packages available, please check out our "Who We Serve" pages

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Who We Serve Anchor

Who We Serve

Artists, Song Writers, Producers 

Music Industry Networking, Showcasing and Educational Events

Artist Managers, Catalogue Administrators

Music Courses offering Music Business Education

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Contact us for Pricing, Seminar Information, to arrange your personalised consultation and/or to build your music education needs


facebook: @ShoreMusicKnows

twitter: @ShoreMusicKnows


We look forward to hearing from you!

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