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Music Conferences

Shore Music will enhance the Music Conference experience by sharing our Music Rights and Royalties knowledge and expertise, and providing the information that attendees are looking for to help them financially succeed in the ever evolving Music Industry.

“Educate, Demystify and Simplify the world of Music Rights and Royalties”

We have Three packages available to our Music Conference Organisers

Panel Participation: Shore Music will gladly participate in your Music Rights and Royalties panels. We are industry experts and are happy to “nerd out” on any/all of the following rights and royalties topics:

  • Music Publishing: It All Starts With A Song

    • Rights and royalties for publishers and songwriters

    • What it means to land a publishing deal

    • Revenue streams and types

    • Song placements and cuts

  • Record Labels: Bringing Songs to Life

    • Rights and royalties for labels and artists

    • Artist Agreements

    • Mechanical licensing

    • The importance of "Data"

Panel Curation: With our vast array of music industry connections, we will bring together the perfect team of experts to provide your conference attendees with the ultimate overview of music royalties, rights and revenues. Our connections include experts in the following fields:

  • Performing Rights

  • Mechanical Rights

  • Neighbouring Rights

  • YouTube

  • Sync & Licensing

  • Song Writers

  • Artists

  • Entertainment Lawyers


We will work with you to cater the perfect panel to your conference needs.

Group Seminars: Having more time available than a typical music conference panel, our Group Seminars provide a more in-depth and granular look into the world of music rights and royalties. Seminar schedules will cover the rights, royalties and revenues of both music publishing and sound recording. Our seminars not only educate, but also allow time for hands on registration guidance and catalogue maintenance, along with excellent networking opportunities. Your conference attendees will be able to meet, chat and share their experiences with other music industry professionals.

Contact Us to discuss your particular Music Conference needs and we can work together to create memorable conference experiences for your attendees

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