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Music Business Educators

Rights and Royalties make the Music Industry go around. Shore Music is here to ensure that our future Music Industry Professionals, creative or administrative, have all the knowledge, skills and information they need to be financially successful in this fast paced and exciting industry.

“Educate, Demystify and Simplify the world of Music Rights and Royalties”

We have Two packages available to our Music Business Education Facilities

Music Industry Guest Speaker: Shore Music will gladly make a guest appearance to speak to your students and give them an overview of music rights and royalties. Or we can go into more depth and detail on one or two particular topics within the world of Music Rights and Royalties. We are industry experts and are happy to "nerd out" on any/all of the following rights and royalties topics:

  • Music Publishing: It All Starts With A Song 

    • Rights and royalties for publishers and songwriters

    • What it means to land a publishing deal

    • Revenue streams and types

    • Song placements and cuts

  • Record Labels: Bringing Songs to Life

    • Rights and royalties for labels and artists

    • Artist Agreements

    • Mechanical licensing

    • The importance of "Data"

Music Rights and Royalties Course Curriculum: Shore Music can enhance your music business course by creating and teaching detailed course curriculum and diving deep into the world of Music Rights and Royalties. We have the in depth knowledge and hands on experience to educate and prepare your students for a future in the Music Industry.

Topics of the "Deep Dive" include:

  • Foundations of Music Publishing: It All Starts With A Song

  • Performance Rights, Royalties and Revenue Streams

  • Foundations of a Record Label: Bringing the Songs to Life

  • Neighbouring Rights, Record Label and Artist Royalties

  • Publishing and Recording Agreements: Decoding the Legal Jargon

  • Royalty Statement Interpretation

Contact us for more details and we will work with you to cater course content and curriculum to your music business school needs

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