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Music Creators

Shore Music is here to ensure that you are aware of your intellectual property rights and to teach you how to fully understand and manage your own royalties.

"Make the Music Industry work for you!"


We have Two packages available to our Music Creators:

  • One on One Consultation: Customised consultation sessions are catered to your individual needs and billed by the hour, allowing you to choose how you use our time. What would YOU like to know and learn? Listed below are some of the topics we cover. Let us know where you would like to focus, and we will give you the in-depth, detailed knowledge and tools you need to help you financially succeed in this business.

    Location is no barrier for our consultations. Our customised consultation sessions
     can take place either in person or via Skype.

  • Group Seminars/Networking Events​: Details Coming Soon!!

Topics we cover:

  • Music Publishing

  • Record Labels

  • Managing and Monetising your Catalogue

  • Agreement Review

    • Decoding the legal jargon​

  • Royalty Statement Interpretation

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